DeeLance Testnet

What is the purpose of a Testnet?

A testnet (short for "test network") is an environment in which developers can test and experiment with new features and software without affecting the main network (mainnet). Testnets are parallel systems with their own native cryptocurrencies, which hold no real-world value, allowing for risk-free experimentation.

The validators on the testnet are mainly from the development team.

What are the benefits of using the Deelance Testnet?

  • Setting Up and Exploring: Create your own test address and procure DeeLance testnet funds.

  • Safe Development and Testing: Build apps and walk through tutorials on DeeLance without risking real assets.

  • Stay Updated: Evaluate your applications against the latest DeeLance versions.

  • Data Analysis: Assess blockchain data on a concise, yet meaningful dataset distinct from the main network.

How to get Testnet Funds?

The faucet dedicated to the DeeLance Testnet can be found here.

DeeLance Testnet Explorers

RPC Endpoints

DeeLance RPC Endpoints (ChainID 455214):

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